“Empowering Creativity, Fostering Community: Welcome to CATO Village – Where Innovation Synchronizes with Community” by WunTu Media



CATO Village Production Equipment now ready for lease!

Hollywood Wright announces that North Bay, Canada Studios are fully equipped with props, production equipment, and post-production facilities, ready for business.

“We warmly invite industry colleagues, partners, and enthusiasts to explore our new studio,” said HollyWood Wright, Managing Partner of WunTu Media. “Our shared passion for artistic innovation and cutting-edge technology has culminated in a space where imagination knows no bounds. Let’s lease the new studio and witness the dedication and visionary spirit of everyone involved.”

The studio, located in the North Cato Village of Canada, is a visionary space designed to revolutionize the creative industries, education, and sustainable living. This self-contained SMART community integrates education, entertainment, movies, media, music, gaming, medical care, cutting-edge technologies, and renewable energy within a harmonious village setting. It boasts a diverse range of facilities, including housing, filming studios, recording studios, gaming arenas, virtual technology spaces, schools, and medical facilities.

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